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Minecraft Commands

Welcome to Minecraft Commands. We have put together a list of Minecraft commands as well as information on Minecraft biomes, brewing, enchanting, formatting, item IDs, and potions. Explore and enjoy the game! Click on any of the names to see more information.

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Brewing Ingredients
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Enchantment IDs
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Formatting Codes
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Item IDs
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Type and Biomes
Temperature and Biomes
Category and Brewing Ingredients
Effect and Brewing Ingredients
Effect when Corrupted and Brewing Ingredients
Color Codes: BG: R versus FG: R
Available in Bedrock Edition and Commands
Available in Education Edition and Commands
Available in Java Edition and Commands
Permission Level Required to Perform the Command by Available in Java Edition for Commands
Permission Level Required to Perform the Command and Commands
Command Usability and Commands
Enchantment IDs: Enchantment Weight versus Max Level Number
Items and Enchantment IDs
Max Level Number by Items for Enchantment IDs
Enchantment Weight by Items for Enchantment IDs
Max Level Number and Enchantment IDs
Official Formatting Name and Formatting Codes
Category and Item IDs
Category and Potions
Positive or Negative Effect and Potions