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Minecraft Item zombie
Example The command /give USER zombie will give the player, USER, Zombie.

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Jungle Pressure Plate
Item ID: jungle_pressure_plate 0.0
Spawn Silverfish
Item ID: silverfish_spawn_egg 0.0
Double Quartz Slab
Item ID: double_stone_slab 0.0
Item ID: cocoa 0.0
Magenta Terracotta
Item ID: magenta_terracotta 0.0
Spawn Slime
Item ID: slime_spawn_egg 0.0
Glistering Melon
Item ID: glistering_melon_slice 382.0
Potted Red Mushroom
Item ID: potted_red_mushroom 0.0
Jungle Fence
Item ID: jungle_fence 190.0
Magenta Hardened Clay
Item ID: stained_hardened_clay 0.0

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Blaze Fireball
Item ID: small_fireball 0.0
Red Mushroom Block
Item ID: red_mushroom_block 100.0
Item ID: squid 0.0
Diamond Pickaxe
Item ID: diamond_pickaxe 278.0
Item ID: donkey 0.0
Pink Carpet
Item ID: pink_carpet 0.0
End Stone
Item ID: end_stone 121.0
Wait Disc
Item ID: record_wait 0.0
Wither Wall Skull
Item ID: wither_skeleton_wall_skull 0.0
Dark Oak Door Block
Item ID: dark_oak_door 0.0

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Stripped Dark Oak Log
Item ID: stripped_dark_oak_log 0.0
Red Wool
Item ID: red_wool 0.0
Item ID: netherrack 87.0
Brown Carpet
Item ID: brown_carpet 0.0
Red Sandstone Stairs
Item ID: red_sandstone_stairs 180.0
Stal Music Disc
Item ID: music_disc_stal 0.0
Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg Silverfish Cracked Stone Brick
Item ID: infested_cracked_stone_bricks 0.0
Acacia Wood Plank
Item ID: acacia_planks 0.0
Wooden Trapdoor
Item ID: oak_trapdoor 96.0
Husk Spawn Egg
Item ID: husk_spawn_egg 0.0

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Zombie Wall Head
Item ID: zombie_wall_head 0.0
Spawn Zombie Horse
Item ID: zombie_horse_spawn_egg 0.0
Spawn Zombie
Item ID: zombie_spawn_egg 0.0
Zombie Head
Item ID: zombie_head 0.0
Zombie Horse
Item ID: zombie_horse 0.0
Zombie Pigman
Item ID: zombie_pigman 0.0
Spawn Zombie Villager
Item ID: zombie_villager_spawn_egg 0.0
Zombie Spawn Egg
Item ID: zombie_spawn_egg 0.0
Spawn Zombie Pigman
Item ID: zombie_pigman_spawn_egg 0.0
Zombie Villager
Item ID: zombie_villager 0.0