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Minecraft Item IDs Share
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Minecraft Item wolf
Example The command /give USER wolf will give the player, USER, Wolf.

Additional Item IDs

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Emerald Ore
Item ID: emerald_ore 129.0
Fishing Rod
Item ID: fishing_rod 346.0
Stone Brick Monster Egg Silverfish Stone Brick
Item ID: infested_stone_bricks 0.0
Item ID: anvil 145.0
Wheat Block
Item ID: wheat 0.0
Gray Stained Glass Pane
Item ID: gray_stained_glass_pane 0.0
Minecart with Command Block
Item ID: command_block_minecart 422.0
Double Brick Slab
Item ID: double_stone_slab 0.0
Structure Block
Item ID: structure_block 255.0
Empty Map
Item ID: map 0.0

More Item IDs

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Donkey Spawn Egg
Item ID: donkey_spawn_egg 0.0
Spruce Leaves
Item ID: spruce_leaves 0.0
Cobblestone Monster Egg Silverfish Cobblestone
Item ID: infested_cobblestone 0.0
Brown Glazed Terracotta
Item ID: brown_glazed_terracotta 247.0
Oak Wood with Bark
Item ID: oak_wood 0.0
Stone Bricks
Item ID: stone_bricks 0.0
Nether Quartz Ore
Item ID: nether_quartz_ore 153.0
Blue Banner
Item ID: blue_banner 0.0
Item ID: minecart 328.0
Orange Banner
Item ID: orange_banner 0.0

Other Item IDs

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Ghast Spawn Egg
Item ID: ghast_spawn_egg 0.0
Zombie Wall Head
Item ID: zombie_wall_head 0.0
Enchanted Book
Item ID: enchanted_book 403.0
Melon Stem
Item ID: melon_stem 0.0
Cave Spider
Item ID: cave_spider 0.0
Golden Shovel
Item ID: golden_shovel 284.0
Spawn Dolphin
Item ID: dolphin_spawn_egg 0.0
Yellow Glazed Terracotta
Item ID: yellow_glazed_terracotta 239.0
Evocation Fangs
Item ID: evocation_fangs 0.0
Jungle Bark
Item ID: jungle_wood 0.0

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Similar Item IDs to Wolf

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Command: Multiplayer /save-off Disables automatic server saves. Multiplayer
Item ID: wolf 0.0
Spawn Wolf
Item ID: wolf_spawn_egg 0.0
Color Code: Gold §6 gold 255.0 170.0
Command: No Restrictions /seed Displays the world seed. This will be the seed code for your currently world. This can be useful if you want to set up an identical world in the future. No Restrictions
Wolf Spawn Egg
Item ID: wolf_spawn_egg 0.0
Deep Cold Ocean
Biome: Aquatic 0.5 Dolphins, Cod mobs, Salmon mobs, Cold underwater ruins, Gravel, Kelp, Seagrass, Dirt, Sand, Ocean monuments, Guardians, Elder guardians, Shipwreck Aquatic
Command: Single-player Only /publish Opens single-player world to local network. Single-player Only
Cold Ocean
Biome: Aquatic 0.5 Dolphins, Cod mobs, Salmon mobs, Cold underwater ruins, Gravel, Kelp, Seagrass, Dirt, Sand, Shipwreck Aquatic
Command: No Restrictions /time Changes or queries the world's game time. No Restrictions