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Minecraft Item skeleton_horse
Example The command /give USER skeleton_horse will give the player, USER, Skeleton Horse.

Additional Item IDs

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Item ID: skeleton 0.0
Drowned Spawn Egg
Item ID: drowned_spawn_egg 0.0
Spawn Wither Skeleton
Item ID: wither_skeleton_spawn_egg 0.0
Spawn Endermite
Item ID: endermite_spawn_egg 0.0
Double Stone Brick Slab
Item ID: double_stone_slab 0.0
Glistering Melon
Item ID: glistering_melon_slice 382.0
Dragon Wall Head
Item ID: dragon_wall_head 0.0
Rabbit Hide
Item ID: rabbit_hide 415.0
Iron Door
Item ID: iron_door 330.0
Evocation Fangs
Item ID: evocation_fangs 0.0

Additional Item IDs

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Redstone Comparator (active)
Item ID: powered_comparator 0.0
Quartz Stairs
Item ID: quartz_stairs 156.0
Green Banner
Item ID: green_banner 0.0
Guardian Spawn Egg
Item ID: guardian_spawn_egg 0.0
Spawn Cow
Item ID: cow_spawn_egg 0.0
Item ID: string 287.0
Zombie Wall Head
Item ID: zombie_wall_head 0.0
Block of Coal
Item ID: coal_block 0.0
Dark Oak Fence
Item ID: dark_oak_fence 191.0
Acacia Button
Item ID: acacia_button 0.0

Additional Item IDs

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Llama Spit
Item ID: llama_spit 0.0
Cod Spawn Egg
Item ID: cod_spawn_egg 0.0
Dragon Fireball
Item ID: dragon_fireball 0.0
Spawn Witch
Item ID: witch_spawn_egg 0.0
Jungle Pressure Plate
Item ID: jungle_pressure_plate 0.0
Magenta Concrete Powder
Item ID: magenta_concrete_powder 0.0
Arrow of Swiftness 1:00 - Speed
Item ID: tipped_arrow 440.0
Written Book
Item ID: written_book 387.0
End Stone Bricks
Item ID: end_stone_bricks 206.0
Raw Fish
Item ID: fish 0.0

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Similar Item IDs to Skeleton Horse

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Spawn Zombie Horse
Item ID: zombie_horse_spawn_egg 0.0
Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg
Item ID: skeleton_horse_spawn_egg 0.0
Item ID: horse 0.0
Golden Horse Armor
Item ID: golden_horse_armor 0.0
Skeleton Horse
Item ID: skeleton_horse 0.0
Item ID: skeleton 0.0
Horse Spawn Egg
Item ID: horse_spawn_egg 0.0
Zombie Horse
Item ID: zombie_horse 0.0
Spawn Skeleton Horse
Item ID: skeleton_horse_spawn_egg 0.0
Spawn Horse
Item ID: horse_spawn_egg 0.0