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Melon Seeds Share
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Minecraft Item melon_seeds
Example The command /give USER melon_seeds will give the player, USER, Melon Seeds.

Other Item IDs

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Arrow of Slowness 0:01 - Slowness V
Item ID: tipped_arrow 440.0
Item ID: potato 392.0
Redstone Repeater Block (off)
Item ID: unpowered_repeater 0.0
Diamond Ore
Item ID: diamond_ore 56.0
Potted Poppy
Item ID: potted_poppy 0.0
Spruce Trapdoor
Item ID: spruce_trapdoor 0.0
Item ID: boat 0.0
Green Wool
Item ID: green_wool 0.0
Arrow of Regeneration 0:05
Item ID: tipped_arrow 440.0
Brown Shulker Box
Item ID: brown_shulker_box 231.0

Additional Item IDs

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Prismarine Slab
Item ID: prismarine_slab 0.0
Item ID: mycelium 110.0
Arrow of Water Breathing 0:22
Item ID: tipped_arrow 440.0
Item ID: cake 354.0
Black Stained Glass
Item ID: black_stained_glass 0.0
Item ID: ice 79.0
Item ID: vine 106.0
End Gateway (Block)
Item ID: end_gateway 0.0
Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks
Item ID: infested_chiseled_stone_bricks 0.0
Item ID: rabiit 0.0

Additional Item IDs

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Moss Stone
Item ID: mossy_cobblestone 48.0
Spawn Spider
Item ID: spider_spawn_egg 0.0
Stone Monster Egg
Item ID: monster_egg 0.0
Jack o'Lantern
Item ID: jack_o_lantern 91.0
Rabbit Hide
Item ID: rabbit_hide 415.0
Birch Door Block
Item ID: birch_door 0.0
Bubble Coral
Item ID: bubble_coral 0.0
Item ID: fire 0.0
Oak Wood with Bark
Item ID: oak_wood 0.0
Acacia Planks
Item ID: acacia_planks 0.0

All of Minecraft Commands

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Curse of Binding
Enchantment ID: Helmet / Cap, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots 1.0 Helmet / Cap, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots minecraft:binding_curse binding_curse
Command: No Restrictions /schedule Delays the execution of a function. No Restrictions
Color Code: Yellow §e yellow 255.0 255.0
Silk Touch
Enchantment ID: Shovel, Pickaxe, Axe 1.0 Shovel, Pickaxe, Axe minecraft:silk_touch silk_touch

Similar Item IDs to Melon Seeds

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Melon Stem
Item ID: melon_stem 0.0
Item ID: wheat_seeds 295.0
Melon Slice
Item ID: melon_slice 360.0
Block of Melon
Item ID: melon 103.0
Item ID: melon 0.0
Melon Block
Item ID: melon_block 0.0
Attached Melon Stem
Item ID: attached_melon_stem 0.0
Melon Seeds
Item ID: melon_seeds 362.0
Wheat Seeds
Item ID: wheat_seeds 0.0
Glistering Melon
Item ID: glistering_melon_slice 382.0