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Minecraft Item golden_helmet
Example The command /give USER golden_helmet will give the player, USER, Golden Helmet.

More Item IDs

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Gray Hardened Clay
Item ID: stained_hardened_clay 0.0
Spawn Husk
Item ID: husk_spawn_egg 0.0
Ender Dragon
Item ID: ender_dragon 0.0
Spawn Shulker
Item ID: shulker_spawn_egg 0.0
Gold Ingot
Item ID: gold_ingot 266.0
Jungle Trapdoor
Item ID: jungle_trapdoor 0.0
Structure Block
Item ID: structure_block 255.0
Nether Portal
Item ID: portal 0.0
Block of Emerald
Item ID: emerald_block 133.0
Magenta Terracotta
Item ID: magenta_terracotta 0.0

Other Item IDs

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Spawn Skeleton
Item ID: skeleton_spawn_egg 0.0
Birch Planks
Item ID: birch_planks 0.0
Birch Wood Plank
Item ID: birch_planks 0.0
Diamond Axe
Item ID: diamond_axe 279.0
Salmon Spawn Egg
Item ID: salmon_spawn_egg 0.0
Powered Rail
Item ID: golden_rail 0.0
Dark Prismarine
Item ID: dark_prismarine 0.0
Rabbit Stew
Item ID: rabbit_stew 413.0
Item Frame
Item ID: item_frame 389.0
Creeper Wall Head
Item ID: creeper_wall_head 0.0

Other Item IDs

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Silverfish Spawn Egg
Item ID: silverfish_spawn_egg 0.0
Dark Oak Wood Slab
Item ID: dark_oak_slab 0.0
Cut Red Sandstone
Item ID: cut_red_sandstone 0.0
Ender Crystal
Item ID: ender_crystal 0.0
Blue Carpet
Item ID: blue_carpet 0.0
Item ID: parrot 0.0
Iron Axe
Item ID: iron_axe 258.0
Cobblestone Monster Egg Silverfish Cobblestone
Item ID: infested_cobblestone 0.0
Item ID: silverfish 0.0
Redstone Torch (off)
Item ID: unlit_redstone_torch 0.0

All of Minecraft Commands

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Curse of Binding
Enchantment ID: Helmet / Cap, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots 1.0 Helmet / Cap, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots minecraft:binding_curse binding_curse
Silk Touch
Enchantment ID: Shovel, Pickaxe, Axe 1.0 Shovel, Pickaxe, Axe minecraft:silk_touch silk_touch
Color Code: Yellow §e yellow 255.0 255.0
Command: No Restrictions /schedule Delays the execution of a function. No Restrictions

Similar Item IDs to Golden Helmet

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Golden Chestplate
Item ID: golden_chestplate 315.0
Leather Helmet
Item ID: leather_helmet 0.0
Golden Boots
Item ID: golden_boots 317.0
Iron Helmet
Item ID: iron_helmet 306.0
Chainmail Helmet
Item ID: chainmail_helmet 0.0
Golden Helmet
Item ID: golden_helmet 314.0
Diamond Helmet
Item ID: diamond_helmet 310.0
Golden Carrot
Item ID: golden_carrot 396.0
Golden Axe
Item ID: golden_axe 286.0
Chain Helmet
Item ID: chainmail_helmet 302.0