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Enchantment IDs

Minecraft enchantment description, items, maximum level, and enchantment weight.
Minecraft Enchant ID
Max Level Number
Aqua Affinity minecraft:aqua_affinity aqua_affinity Increases underwater mining rate.
Bane of Arthropods minecraft:bane_of_arthropods bane_of_arthropods Increases damage to arthropods.
Blast Protection minecraft:blast_protection blast_protection Reduces explosion damage.
Channeling minecraft:channeling channeling Trident channels a bolt of lightning towards a hit entity. Only functions during thunderstorms.
Curse of Binding minecraft:binding_curse binding_curse Prevents removal of items (except for in creative).
Curse of Vanishing minecraft:vanishing_curse vanishing_curse Item destroyed on death.
Depth Strider minecraft:depth_strider depth_strider Increases underwater movement speed.
Efficiency minecraft:efficiency efficiency Increases mining speed.
Feather Falling minecraft:feather_falling feather_falling Reduces fall damage.
Fire Aspect minecraft:fire_aspect fire_aspect Sets target on fire.
Fire Protection minecraft:fire_protection fire_protection Reduces fire damage.
Flame minecraft:flame flame Arrows set target on fire.
Fortune minecraft:fortune fortune Increases block drops.
Frost Walker minecraft:frost_walker frost_walker Turns water beneath the player into ice.
Impaling minecraft:impaling impaling Trident deals additional damage to mobs that spawn naturally in the ocean.
Infinity minecraft:infinity infinity Shooting consumes no arrows.
Knockback minecraft:knockback knockback Increases knockback.
Looting minecraft:looting looting Increases mob loot.
Loyalty minecraft:loyalty loyalty Trident returns after being thrown. Higher levels reduce return time.
Luck of the Sea minecraft:luck_of_the_sea luck_of_the_sea Increases fishing luck.
Lure minecraft:lure lure Increases fishing rate.
Mending minecraft:mending mending Repair items with experience.
Power minecraft:power power Increases arrow damage.
Projectile Protection minecraft:projectile_protection projectile_protection Reduces projectile damage.
Protection minecraft:protection protection Reduces most types of damage.
Punch minecraft:punch punch Increases arrow knockback.
Respiration minecraft:respiration respiration Extends underwater breathing time.
Riptide minecraft:riptide riptide Trident launches player with itself when thrown. This only works in water or rain.
Sharpness minecraft:sharpness sharpness Increases damage.
Silk Touch minecraft:silk_touch silk_touch Mined blocks drop themselves.
Smite minecraft:smite smite Increases damage to undead mobs.
Sweeping Edge minecraft:sweeping sweeping
Thorns minecraft:thorns thorns Damages attackers.
Unbreaking JE: minecraft:unbreaking
BE: minecraft:durability
unbreaking Increases effective durability.