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2 Commands

Minecraft command help and usage.
Command Usability
/ability /ability Grants or revokes a player ability.
/advancement /advancement Gives, removes, or checks player advancements.
/bossbar /bossbar Creates and modifies bossbars.
/clear /clear Clears items from player inventory.
/clone /clone Copies blocks from one place to another.
/data /data Gets, merges, and removes block entity and entity NBT data.
/datapack /datapack Controls loaded data packs.
/defaultgamemode /defaultgamemode Sets the default game mode.
/difficulty /difficulty Sets the difficulty level.

The command /difficulty peaceful sets the difficult to peaceful. Other options are: easy, normal, and hard.
/drop /drop Drops items from an inventory slot onto the ground.
/effect /effect Add or remove status effects.
/enchant /enchant Enchants a player item.
/execute /execute Executes another command.
/experience /experience Adds or removes player experience.
/fill /fill Fills a region with a specific block.
/forceload /forceload Forces chunks to constantly be loaded or not.
/function /function Runs a function.
/gamemode /gamemode Sets a player's game mode.
/gamerule /gamerule Sets or queries a game rule value.
/give @Player Item [Amount] [DataValue] /give @Player Item [Amount] [DataValue] Gives an item to a player.
/kill /kill Kills entities (players, mobs, items, etc.).
/locate /locate Locates closest structure.
/mixer /mixer Mixer interactivity control.
/particle /particle Creates particles.
/playsound /playsound Plays a sound.
/recipe /recipe Gives or takes player recipes.
/replaceitem /replaceitem Replaces items in inventories.
/schedule /schedule Delays the execution of a function.
/scoreboard /scoreboard Manages objectives, players, teams, and tags.
/seed /seed Displays the world seed. This will be the seed code for your currently world. This can be useful if you want to set up an identical world in the future.
/setblock /setblock Changes a block to another block.
/setworldspawn /setworldspawn Sets the world spawn.
/spawnpoint /spawnpoint Sets the spawn point for a player.
/spreadplayers /spreadplayers Teleports entities to random locations.
/stopsound /stopsound Stops a sound.
/summon /summon Summons an entity.
/tag /tag Controls entity tags.
/team /team Controls teams.
/teleport /teleport Teleports entities.
/tellraw /tellraw Displays a JSON message to players.
/testfor /testfor Counts entities matching specified conditions.
/testforblock /testforblock Tests whether a block is in a location.
/testforblocks /testforblocks Tests whether the blocks in two regions match.
/time /time Changes or queries the world's game time.
/title /title Manages screen titles.
/toggledownfall /toggledownfall Toggles the weather.
/tp [TargetPlayer] x y z /tp [TargetPlayer] x y z Teleports entities.
/weather WeatherType /weather WeatherType Sets the weather. WeatherType options include: rain, thunder, and snow.
/worldborder /worldborder Manages the world border.
/xp /xp Adds or removes player experience.